teglværkshavnen housing, tegnestuen vandkunsten 2008 |  Architects: fritz schupp, martin kremmer.

Donald Trump Cartoon Caricature merchandise at www.zazzle.com/funnycartoonmugs
Secretary of State John Kerry caricature close up by Henri Goldsmann
Secretary of State John Kerry caricature for Publications by Henri Goldsmann
Prince-Detailed Caricature for Publications
Your Caricature on a Mug!
Henri Drawing live Caricature
Your digital caricature on a Birthday Cake?
Publish your online caricature on your phone, Facebook, businesscards, etc.
Live Caricature on location Sample -Couple
Live Caricature on location Sample -Single
Animated Caricature Newt Gingrich (Politician).
Caricature Colin Powell by Henri Goldsmann (for Publications) C
Paris Hilton Caricature for Publication by Henri Goldsmann
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  • -or get a Detailed caricature for a Publication  (other rates apply)
  • -or Hire Henri for Live Caricature on Parties and locations.



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Order a quick, online digital head and shoulders Caricature 

of yourself, a friend or a familymember from a (smartphone) photo, starting as low as €19.99! (non commercial). 

Use on your phone, facebook page, website, businesscards, print it on invitations or even on a birthdaycake!


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